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Three reasons why women get into the escorting business

Sure you have heard about women escorting or the call girls in Mumbai. Yes, they rampantly exist. Then you would ask yourself why would they do that? Here are some of the reasons why these beautiful women are into the escorting business.

They have a stomach to fill.

There are simply too many reasons for Ahmedabad escorts, why they’ve become call girls in Mumbai, but we have to get down to the basics of things. When you cannot afford even the simplest clothes, eat three meals a day and have a proper place to call home, what would you do? Some would turn to the oldest occupation in the world, escorting. Paid by the hour for a single hook up, no strings attached, no contract to breach and an excessively high payment. Who would not be tempted? Aside from the most common basic needs, they are fulfilling the least acknowledged one, sex. For a girl, these are enough reasons to hook up with escorting.

They have deeper personal and emotional need to satisfy. 

Most Mumbai escorts are in for money but there are some who are in for a deeper connection they cannot find in their usual circle. While there are girls who are reserved and righteous, there are some who are downright fearless and curious. These are the type who wants connection and human emotion as much as they need food on the table. The escorting service can be a liberating and freeing industry for these girls. Free to try crazy things, free to be adventurous and embrace sexuality. This opportunity does not come in a common society. These can only be found in the most tabooed crowd. No friend of yours in your normal circle would want to know how you would have an orgasm, right? No male friend of yours will ask you if you are horny any given time of the day. These things would mean a closer connection and human interaction is needed before you can openly express yourself which to some girls, are quite suppressing. These taboos do not exist in the escorting world. These are merely questions answerable by a yes or no. That same tactfulness is what liberates these Mumbai escorts.

They find human connections established by touch. 

While others are sensitive with words, some girls are just as sensitive to the touch. Ahmedabad escorts rather be touched than be spoken to. Not that they cannot build connections through conversing but they are most open when they are touching. Some emotions are just not good spoken. They are best shown and what better way to show your emotions than touching? We are, after all, still considered as matter, a substance that takes up space and has both volume and mass. Matters do have heat as a byproduct; this heat will also attract heat. That good feeling when touching is a simple science.

Although there are still a lot of reasons why these girls became a part of the escorting service, one thing is for sure. They have a need to fill and they were able to fill it through this business. Time will tell if they have actually been right with their decisions but as people, we have to only accept the fact that they are as human as we are, with needs and emotions that they wanted to express and satisfied.

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